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This Girl of the video is really too cute. Facebook- Microsoft at the end of the video

Why Facebook-Microsoft deal makes sense?

First with its 42 million members, the Facebook‘s growth won’t stop until 2012, according to market research (like all quality social networks) with a growth curve that will reach 150 millions within 24 months if all goes well.
When you know the difficulty and the energy needed to create a community, but especially to keep, we can say that here Facebook has a competitive advantage in size.

While we can imagine that a significant portion of the community Facebook (which I recorded at 25-33%, it would be someone precise figures! ?) lye on their profile, we can emphasize that the databases is the most powerfull of all other community sites.

Why ?, because the site has given this side intimate despite an ocean of strangers (a lot of questions for psycho, then)

Sometimes, I wonder how they managed to discover my avatar . “They have laid bare” (to a certain limit)
In contrast to asmallworld which also includes a lot of advantages, Facebook can reach any layer of the population, with the full panoply of the site where it will almost for nothing. A sort of recurring theme …
You can make the relational Business while laughing, there’s fun and creativity, for example, which will better his wall, which will send the best video day or picture, which should invite to the parties, which call for a meeting, a symposium, an event, a business …
Facebook will then use all this information flow community to make money and this is the difficulty of imposing a business model.
Introduce the publicity here and there as the site is currently, it does not eat bread. Understandably … Tomorrow, when Facebook will use the data members to impose, to sell, support the marketing of trademarks, things get complicated. All this will depend on how it is done, “spirit”. This, we have said time and again, one might well imagine that Facebook sharing a portion of its advertising revenue to the most active members or those with a special prescribers or better … or … A model in the making is taking shape and we love it. Jam’s Brain has his idea on the issue with his famous concept under the code name the BUZZ BOX, it is not far ….

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