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This is a vision of some french citizen about democrat’s representative

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  • 01/09/08

    What is surprising in American elections is the absence of Republicans, it is like they accounted for butter for the 2008 elections, unless it is a technique politician?, Heaven knows

    I got to know Barak Obama, through BHL’s book “American Vertigo,” allure of playboy, sports, a real smile, a genuine ambition.

    I know Hillary Clinton, for a long time, woman, girl working woman, housewife, wife of combat.

    2 The promise of beautiful duels, while the results of the New Hampshire will be given; second state after the Iowa, the results of which as you know have been a surprise.

    Journalists desperate to scoop and surscoop, would like to see here and there a Hillary in trouble, they have retained the tears in his voice after his defeat in Iowa……

    Although that animates our office, there is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States and for at least 3 reasons:

    It is a real political animal, and what people may say the old tricks still work in the United States (perhaps malhuereusement)

    But these are two other positive assets (a little naive, I grant you that) I want to remember;

    The United States is ready to welcome a woman

    And as you know, and it was noted on Jam’s Brain, many times women are a source of meaning and find better solutions, that we, men. Hillary Clinton will force things and can give meaning to the word peace, not usurped or through, but a real peace.

    It will be another sense of values to America in search of maturity on the concept of history and that values other than short-term profit.

    Finally, she seems to have matured on the records that his challenger has no more business as they say, which would ultimately give the little trick and more, enabling it to win the race primaries Democrats.

    In all cases seen from the outside, a passionate affair and I expect hard other results to win my bet on Yohan.


    The polls have been so wrong for the results of the New Hampshire where Hillary Clinton came out on top against its major rivals including Barak Obama (Article Jam’s Brain), John Stewart, a famous satirical presenter, it can give joy to the heart.

    Stewart was making his interlocutor Zogby, a specialist in polls (this is the least we can say), but it instead of drops of water on the forehead or comments from meuhhhhhh plays the game

    He even time to laugh (with the US) when Stewart told him “your job is over, it’s really in it that America is strong, the right to be wrong, all coated with humour , a state of mind in short.


    Here are the godsend of people who did not lose their spirit even with the age and maturity (that either agree with them or not).

    Carl Bernstein (sponsor of Watergate, Nixxon,…. Everything) has not lost its vitality and its sense of the analysis.

    Its strength, he writes nothing before long écumé every detail of his portraits.

    Indeed, the portrait he draws on the future president of the united states, Hillary Clinton has taken 9 years.

    To accomplish its mission, it began as a novice, has taken over all studied every piece of life, a true freelancer bad first scoop.

    We feel complicity in the description of Hillary Clinton, almost affection.

    Interviewed by the newspaper “the world” dated today, the description is complex, it is a woman “significant” that is “sure it can be frigid,” nonetheless marked by shame since his childhood (she always wanted to do too well, which prevented him not to pass any).

    It can be sincere, and becomes stronger when the winds are contrary. For Bernstein, the claque received in the voting in Iowa has awakened.
    It is a woman’s place where “religion and the family are the foundations of his life.” Civil Rights, humiliated, minorities really of concern ”

    Regarding his couple, she always knew “that the Bill of sexual compulsion is a disability policy” has always taken it upon itself to hide. ”

    Through this portrait, Hillary Clinton is a woman thinking, with real principles, the foundation of history, gentlemen, America with the depth arrive.


    After eight years of the Bush Junior administration and a certain tension or even a slowdown in the American economy, expectations of the American electoral Tuesday took a turn IMPORTISSIMO

    The nomination of candidates for the American presidential takes place on the occasion of the primary taking place in each State

    Following the primary, delegates elected refer to their favorite candidate

    9 states have already elected their delegates, and if the Republican side, John McCain seems to stand out from the crowd, the Democratic side outstanding remains unsolved

    Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are actually neck and neck in the election tonight will be crucial to describe the Democratic candidate.

    We are in the last hours of the election, which will take place in half of American States and tension is at a peak

    Each candidate until the last moment launched its last forces into battle

    Barack Obama was organizing a meeting in New England, Hillary Clinton almost aphone held trays of television about McCain, he brought together his supporters in Boston

    It is a great show to the American and those designations seem susiter the attention of the entire planet.

    There is no doubt that this election will be decisive for the outcome of the situation in Iraq, for decisions on the revival of the American economy, for the face of the future America because each candidate has his own ideas to

    complete these battles, so stay AWARE (like a great philosopher Belgian) and tomorrow we will analyze the outcome of this Super Tuesday


    Hillary Clinton she will be yes or no official candidate of the Democrats?

    For me, and despite the difficulties it faces, there is no doubt it will win the long battle.

    On March 4, place 2 sequences were important, especially in texas, she loses and it’s over. She wins, she remains in the race although the battle will remain pending until the end of August.

    Bill Clinton recently recalled that throughout his life he would have liked to vote for a black, and all his life, he would have liked to vote for a woman, this happens at the same time and it is perhaps not by chance. We feel we are at the end of a system, moral, financial,… forces.

    Who better than nine candidates? In this context, Obama takes the rope because the candidate is truly “new generation” and elsewhere in the blogosphere and Yohan made no mistake as it is their preferred candidate.
    For my part ay and look more closely, I find the comments on Youtube on the candidate, borrowing unwieldy and vulgarity. It can be counterproductive by being good player? (I dream)

    Ok, it’s true, the com ‘Web Hillary Clinton was old school but all accompanying comments are so hard!, On the edge of sexism and racism.

    Why I am for Hillary Clinton?

    Despite his membership of the “old system”, it had real belief, I am sure.

    She is a woman and in this context, it is women who advance chbliblik. Hillary will bring more nuances in the presidential and perform a real mission, she has the etoffe first to compete against the second stone, namely beat Mac Cain, but also because profundely, if she was the President, she would accomplish something in this White House

    I am sure she will not cheat

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