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Las Vegas, early evening, Thierry Guetta alias Mr Brainwash gives me an exclusive interview.
For jam’s brain, this interview is very important because we follow Mr Brainwash for a very long time and even well before the existence of this blog, you could see some articles about Mr Brainwash here or here

What makes this interview is interesting ?
First, ambiance, nightfall, in a hotel room Caesar’s Palace, all light extinguished, the light from outside surrounding hotels; Mr bainwash a bias, knees crossed, a cigarette in his hand like Bernard Henri Levy, ie not turned on.

Question: Is that exposure to LA was a success?

Mr Brainwash: it was a success but before that is how it was mounted, it was magic, as you know, I broke my foot 1 week before the expo, in the excitement to do very quickly.
On the eve of the exhibition, it was not close, there was no spirit, we did everything “chamboulé” that morning, each guy was held exactly what he had to be done, everyone had a mission to prepare After his exposure.

Question: figures?

Mr brainwash (after a look that meant “you think that this”): first a free exhibition, 25000 people over 2 months, 6500 at the opening, 2000 people wanted to buy on the Web, sales e bay $ 30 cards postcards which had been given, 150 posters of Elvis pistol color White, parts sold to real art collectors, the first 200 people have won a single free poster. more than 400 exhibits on 15 000 square feet.
One regret, however, the first day, more than 50 people were turned away by guards when they were expected several hours.

Question: What is today the art of Mr Brainwash?

Mr brainwash: The street art that just really graffiti, I want to revival Pop Art.
A radio los angeles asked me to redesign its logo.
The new gold is the CANSI, spray cam have become more expensive than gold.

Question: What is the spirit of Mr Brainwash?

Mr Brainwash: credo is life is beautiful, this is the definition of art show 2008. Only see the positive interest
The emotion that you can make the bottom of your heart and pleasure to be able to express his emotion.
You must love what you do in life, when you believe you can really show that it is possible to others. then the others also begin to believe it.
In fact, if you do what you love in life, there comes a time when you’ll be yourself, and this time, you’re going to feel that you are happy.
We believe we see with our eyes but in truth we see with the heart, if one does things with the heart when we see true.

Question: Where your answer on exposure to LA to meet the criticisms including those placed on the web

Mr Brainwash: a few think that life is not beautiful enough. By definition, everything depends on the vision that you and everyone can see how it wants. That is why I sign my work by a heart with my DNA inside, as it is known that I put my heart inside.

Question: I read that if “Andy warhol Bancksy and had a child, he would call Mr brainwash” What you think of that?

Mr Brainwash: Think today and do not worry about tomorrow, ultimately, people always want to see, but the pleasure it is always the beginning, the beginning is always the best, therefore I am taking my time so that the beginning lasts, I will do art for the rest of my life, thinking that this is a single day.
I did an exhibition without waiting for a galliériste me set goals, I did it myself pushed by Bancksy, where “Nothing is impossible” that is Bancksy I fixed the date on which I had to explain, and I did.
I said it is interested in me, so I can not disappoint …..

Question: Next Step?

Mr Brainwash: we gonna see next step

I know that these projects are coming New York, Paris, London, logistics will not be easy sometimes parts of Mr Brainwash weigh more than one thousand / but as you know “Nothing is impossible”
We gonna see ……

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  1. Posté par LL Brainwashed le

    Tell this fucking imposter to get a new name and get a fucking talent other than ripping off other artists names and style, posing and being derivative without and acerbic wit or satirical qualities – this is shit and i can only laugh at the morons who actually bought this shit as Banksy would say! And If people have any literacy at all they will realise Banksy’s quote about MBW was a diss if you americans can grasp that!!!!

    LL Brainwashed the 1 and only!

    We can fight it out if he wants and make it part of an exhibition and call it ART! THE WINNER GETS THE NAME…..

  2. Posté par ryan le

    fake, fraud, sell out, hippie shit.

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