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Mr Brainwash told me in confidence, to my 40′, I found everything I have in me, and i give it out… …
and this is in the process we are just living.
Sometimes it is a bit heavy with its “Life is beautiful” but if finally so charmy, and he has a true artist’s soul, that, we can not remove it.

Mr Brainwash has long hesitated to discover who he was, he would not even reveal his face, he does today,….. in the style, soft, sensitive, and almost shy front of this video camera that he used for the other until very recently.

This art of the street is disorderly but he suits him completely, it allows him to speak, agitated to find an order … …
Mr Brainwash Face for the last show, a mixture of sweetness and aggressiveness as the art he wants to see it.
… … .. Watch him

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