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A hot publicity for such company

Toyota took place of General motors afetr 80 years of dominance by selling in 2007, 9.5 million cars.


In the opinion of specialists, this success is due in large part to management registered for generations in this business famous for its 0 default.

Although the original family would hold in reality no more than 2% of the capital, while the management is organized around family values (not to be confused with a paternalistic management), and employees are spoiled and elsewhere they go well with the company (it seems so simple “concern for the other”)

That just made Buffet?

He has just acquired the Marmon Holding grouping 125 companies (including Hyatt), and held herself in a family with a family management for the sum of 4.5 Billion $.

More than anecdotes of business, the category is targeting companies which we should because they excellent thanks to family values.

Consultants organization must go back to school because of our topics of conversation, they always supported the opposite. “The values of the family had nothing to do with the company”

These 2 examples prove, and many others, see, for example, or SEB example Bouygues in France.

There are in family matters further soul that consultants do not sufficiently take into account.


A meditation can be.

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