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Well,, then we can say that this time, the “carrots are cooked”, for the music labels. The case of radiohead (see preceding our articles 1 and 2) is a test case.

Take the film, a hook with the Prince concert series in London, a jap Madonna, (she is too strong, who signs his house … concert ) for the small matter of $ 120 million, and the knockout of Radiohead who sells 1,3 million album in a week with the premise that we know.
Besides making the play buzz-marketing aside and the cost of major, we make fun simulation.
On an album sold 10 euros, the major was in the habit of touching 6 euros, the artist between 3 and 7 cents!
And this time, Radiohead has just created a new economic model.
Let’s say 25% of the price of an album is a cost incompressible (sacem, investment server, telecom, manufacturing, a little discounted), and given that the average price of the album was sold at 5.8 euros for 2 / 3 Internet users. We deduce that Radiohead is gaining 3.75 million!!!

With the music label, it would have taken the group to sell … .. I let you do the calculation ….
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