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I remember that famous test: a day on closed monkeys and finance experts to choose a stock portfolio, and you know what, the monkeys were not worse than the experts.

This view of things “demagogical” gives food for thought for all those who take shortcuts, and facilitate, as you know, the discussions counter.

There have been excesses and we have, as the movement “irrational” we just know, but first, for those who know the theory of games, they know that the financial market is a zero sum game, and some make their butter, while others take the slush;

Secondly, the sophistication of derivatives markets to allow rolling of positions on the markets but certainly not to cancel.

What is going through such banks is a reflection of our society, return, you will see, loss of speech man, employees are taking on the scraps, which do not recall its traders, arriving early in their offices often auroras, which are called the top floor, then do not return to their place and their business outside.

The worst is that there are only slight reaction ….

I remember a book published in 1998 that I forgot the name, essentially, that it predicted for 2004, 2 or 3 players “bankinssurance” had both Europe and the USA, we played with each other , The majority of players took advantage, it has pushed the problems, but the facts are there at the end there will be only 2 or 3 players in Europe in the pain and suffering, and every moment of demagoguery, lead again and again … ..

Dalida “word yet always words, just words”

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