Bangladeshi women in Italy struggle for gender rights

According to the Interior Ministry, nearly 140,000 Bangladeshis reside in Italy with a permit, the second-largest neighborhood in Europe after Britain. Sohel Ahmed, managing companion of the BS International agency, stated they solely send “prepared” people abroad after telling them their future duties in Saudi Arabia. According to the ministry of expatriates, there are 1,221 registered agencies and over eighty % of them send staff to Saudi Arabia. He said sixty six female staff have died within the final 4 years in Saudi Arabia, fifty two circumstances have been suicides. According to authorities figures, more than 300,000 feminine workers have travelled to Saudi Arabia since 1991, however lots of them return with stories of abuse and exploitation.

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Akhter, a resident of Gendaria outside the capital Dhaka, was advised she can be taking good care of an aged woman within the city Ad-Dilum in Saudi Arabia in change for $266 a month. The story of Dalia Akhter, another migrant who worked in Saudi Arabia, ended with a broken limb. “I determined to borrow money from an area moneylender and go to Saudi Arabia to work there,” she mentioned. Then one day, she heard that considered one of her neighbours was going to Saudi Arabia to work as a housemaid.

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“They are typically young wives who got here right here to reunite with their husbands,” say researchers Katiuscia Carna and Sara Rossetti, authors of the guide Kotha — Bangladeshi women in the changing city of Rome. She added that a sufferer has to remain in protected houses in Saudi Arabia if she wants to file a complaint. “We try to hold them in the secure houses in Riyadh, Medina or Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and later try to deliver them back as quickly as potential after completing necessary procedures,” he stated. “Before going to Saudi Arabia, I used to work in garment sector. Now with a broken leg, I have turn into a burden to my family,” stated Akhter.


Women in BangladeshBegum Rokeya was a pioneer author and a social worker of the undivided Bengal. She is most famous for her efforts in favour of gender equality and different social points.

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Over 30 million Saudi Arabians use social media every day and almost 18 million of them are cellular social media users. With the increased involvement of girls on the workplace, the modernisation of Saudi Arabia is predicted to assemble pace. As per the information from , more than 30% of the Saudi population are expats. The total number of non-Saudis within the nation is estimated to be 10,736,293.

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In 2020, the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia stands at 34.81 million according to the info offered by the World Bank. That translates to a development fee of 1.ninety seven% from 2019 when the population of Saudi Arabia was estimated to be 34.14 million. The second largest Arab state, over the past decade, KSA’s GDP (Gross National Product) has grown by about 520 billion USD owing to the constructive import-export commerce stability.

A big variety of crops are consumed as greens, and the stems and leaves of complete plants are eaten in Bengali delicacies. Different kinds of Dhakaiya (from outdated Dhaka) biryani and polao embrace kachchi, tehari, ilish andmorog. Different types of kababs include shikh, reshmi, chapli, shashlik, tikka and shami.

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Fresh date palm juice (khejurer rosh) may also be used for pitha in addition to payesh (rice pudding). In the coastal region, juice from the nipa or mangrove palm (golpata) is collected to make pitha, payesh and molasses from the juice.

Several large plastic and steel factories are situated in and around the metropolis. These factories along with government-owned petrol firm Aramco? s Riyadh Refineries are the largest sources of employment in the metropolis.

The nation’s highlands, together with the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the Sylhet Division, are residence to numerous tribal minorities. Fish is an everyday staple in Bangladeshi delicacies, especially freshwater fish, which is a particular function of the country’s gastronomy. Different forms of fish curries and different strategies of preparations corresponding to steamed, deep fried, sour, mashed and fish curry with vegetables (with dried or contemporary fish) are usually included for both lunch and dinner in most Bangali households. Fish in Bangladesh is cooked bone-in and is rarely filleted apart from preparations that require mashing the fish. Fish heads are all the time special, and serving the fish head is a gesture of special therapy and warm hospitality.

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